(English Subtitle) Husband's Cuckolding Fantasies [For More Free English Subtitle JAV Visit Myjavengsubtitle.blogspot.com ]

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Subenglishjav11 Hardcore Japanese Cuckold Subtitle

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- Japanese porn is always the best... this movie has only one mistake, the husband never watch his wife fucking with the two guys, there is no reason, his wife is doing it for him, to fullfill his perversion, she didn't need that. I expected the husband enjoyed with watching those guys using his wife.

- Husband comes over as total dick all put making her do it, and then can't even look at her and ignores multiple distress calls to him. More akin to how to get your wife taken against her will than any type of wife sharing experience. Worrying how many commenters like this.

- If I were the husband I would pick young handsome dudes, not these old fucks.
Wife would be really turned on fucking younger dudes.

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